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How to Kick Flip

After you've mastered the ollie, you're ready to step up to the kick flip. Find out how to do a kick flip, and easy practice tips that will help you execute and master this trick.
Kick Flip Set Up
For a kickflip, what you want to do is you want to put you back foot in the middle of the board, right at the center of the tail, and your front foot right under the truck bolts - a little bit pointed, not completely straight. And when you pop - while you side your front foot up - you want to flick out at the top of your ollie.

You want to ollie first, and when you're ollieing, that's when you flick out at the top of your ollie. That's going to make it flip, and then you catch it, and then you land. You don't want to kick down, because then it will just rocket flip, and it's not good.
Practicing a Kick Flip
It's a lot easier if you're moving - you probably should learn it stationary first and then practice on moving and don't give up on it. Because if you give up on it, you won't ever learn it. Just make sure you get a flick out, not down.
Common Kick Flip Mistakes
You're probably going to hit yourself in the shins a lot - trying to flick out - because a lot of people flick straight forward and it will just come up and hit them. You want to flick, but you want to flick out, at the top of your ollie. And heel side - just flick out to the side. Make it flip.

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