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Mystery is a relatively new skateboard company that makes decks, wheels and all kinds of other gear, all with their classic white and black design, and the Mystery heart with a lightning bolt logo. Buying skateboard decks from a newer company can be dangerous, but Mystery skateboard decks are strong, flexible and look good. Plus, the Mystery skateboarding pro team is pretty awesome as well!
Mystery skateboard decks came on the scene only a few years ago, and the first mystery team skateboarding video is set to come out soon. With a brand new company like this, I usually like to avoid their decks, because you don't know if you can really trust them. But with Mystery, there's no problem - Mystery skateboard decks are well designed and built. Why is that? (continue reading below)

That's because of the man behind the scene, Jamie Thomas. Jamie Thomas owns Zero skateboards as well, and Mystery skateboard decks are every bit as good as Zero, if without a few of the little extras (like extra slick bottoms, or free stickers!). But don't start thinking that Zero and Mystery are the same company - not at all. In fact, Jamie Thomas isn't even on the Mystery pro skateboarding team! (though you'll see him riding mystery decks from time to time)

Mystery's pro team is tough - with Ryan Smith, Lindsey Robertson, Adrian Lopez, Ryan Bobier and Dan Murphy, Mystery has a strong team. All of these guys know their trade. Keep an eye out for that video.

Mystery Skateboard Decks Review - Well Built Boards
But a good team doesn't always mean a good skateboard deck. Rest assured, Mystery skateboard decks are everything you need. Made in Mexico with 7 plys of rock hard maple, with graphics and color that cover the entire board (even the edges), and stark Mystery white and black graphics, Mystery skateboard decks rock. For testing, I tried out the Dollar and Bandera
Mystery skateboard deck graphics are all in high contrasting white and black, with strong, stark imagery. Some feature skeletons and other Gothic imagery (the heart with the lightning bolt, and the name Mystery borrow from old Catholic iconography), while the team decks feature the rider's style (often with striking and bold images). Take a look at Mystery skateboard decks and see for yourself - if you like strong contrasts and great pro decks, Mystery should have something for you.
Mystery Skateboard Decks Review - The Bottom Line
Mystery is a strong skateboard company with a great team. Mystery decks are very well built, with slick, bold graphics and design elements. I easily recommend Mystery skateboard decks.
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