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How to Tre Flip

The tre flip is a 360 degree kick flip that might take a little bit of time to get just right. Before you take this trick to the streets, see how to tre flip, and how you can best practice doing it.

Tre Flip Position
For a tre flip, what you want to do is you want to put your back foot - and you want to put your toes hanging off a little bit - right where it starts to curve. When you first learn, you want to put your front foot close together so you actually get the spin. And once you start getting them down you want to move your foot up more and more - and the higher your foot is up, the more control you have over it. You might flip a little bit slower but it's easier to control it.
How to Tre Flip
As you're popping down, the whole thing's with your back foot - just scoop back behind you with your back foot, and you do a little kick out the front. You don't need to kick too hard - just your ankle - and it will start to rotate like that. It's pretty much like a scissor kick: once your back foot goes behind you, your front foot goes in front of you. And then you land it.
How to Practice a Tre Flip
Don't ever practice them stationary. Just practice it moving - because once you get them moving, then you'll get them stationary. It's weird, but that's what happens.
Common Tre Flip Problems
A problem that a lot of people have is that either the board goes in front of them or the board goes behind them. It's usually because you're leaning too far forward or too far back, and if it over-flips, just don't kick as hard. When you first learn them you might just start doing varial flips and it will keep hitting you - you just have to work out how to scoop with your back foot to get it all the way around. You don't even have to worry about the flip, just worry about the scoop until it spins all the way.
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